Friday, June 5, 2009

Snow Day

Today we were going to band at our highest elevation site, White Wolf, but we got a lot of rain last night. We were all cold this morning, so we decided to drive up to White Wolf to see if we could open. It started to snow on the way up, so we knew we would not be able to band today (it has to be 40 degrees). Instead we went to see a high altitude lake where we might go swimming when it gets hot. When we got back to camp I just stayed in the car and read because it was still raining. I started one of the books for my online Scientific Reasoning course, Philosophy of Science: A Very Short Introduction by Samir Okasha. Its really good, I'm hoping to post more about the course and philosophy of science later Even the car was cold, so we drove to the Evergreen (the lodge where we pirate internet access). Hopefully the rain will let up.

Snow at Crane Flat

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