Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cold Nights

Yosemite is cold!!! It gets down to the mid 30s here at night, which shouldn't be a problem, except that the synthetic fill in my sleeping bag doesn't work when compressed against the underside of my hammock. I have devised several solutions to fix the problem:
  1. Use my lounge-lizard chair as a pad
  2. sleep in my rain gear
  3. SPACE BLANKET (Birthday present from my Mom, and worth its weight in gold)
I hope to go to a thrift store in Groveland and get a warm hat and maybe a blanket for insulation.

1 comment:

  1. Well Kenton, a space blankets weight in gold would not be very much gold. You're probably talking about 50cents here; so were you trying to say that the space blanket was really valuable, or were you saying that your mom overpaid?

    lol, just kidding. I love you! Jenevieve